Vision and Motivation in my Works

 Since a tiny little girl I have been avidly creating. I find that there are endless secrets and knowledge in our abilities to create. As we learn the form of things in our living world, as we love and wonder in the beauty and abundance around us, the shapes, the colors, the hard the soft. If we are given the opportunity to truly delve into our faculties we learn secrets about our environment, about the soul spirit connection relationship, expression which is creation. I was given the opportunity to explore my faculties, to stretch the limits of my personal creativity through my education in Waldorf school. In this school I learned to harness my creative force, in line with my spirit, and use it to shape and further explore my vision and experience. Knitting, sewing, woodworking, painting, geometry, maths, writing, music. I personally thrived in the Waldorf school curriculum, with truly dedicated teachers, I learned to channel my energy into my gifts. 

I have been painting and making music from an early age and now work to give back to my four children, my family and my vibrant community.

I work to serve the Greater Good through my art, as a means of healing for myself and others. I work in interfaith using painting and music between peoples of different faiths. I sing in a language without words to help diffuse difference and challenge pre-conditioning and borders of identity, while I also celebrate our myriad differences. 

The occupation of "mother " is mine and is so deeply valuable and rewarding. We can know that this work is crowning us with the most valuable jewels, indeed building us palaces and infinite paradise gardens in heavens, here and hereafter. 

I give of my art for the empowerment of the work of Mother. single parents and survivors of domestic abuse. recognizing the enormous courage and love they give of themselves every day and night selflessly.

Through my work I help others realize our collective dreams. True to our ultimate Love, anything is possible. Visioning into life and acting upon our vision gives the greatest gifts to our children, our friends, our family, our world community as One.  We are all mutually inspired by each other's success and goodness.  Children are inspired by our own will, our strength to overcome difficulty, to give for the sake of the good. Where vision and love becomes action in the world we can teach our children to value and cherish life, to respect and love one another, to respect and love the unique beauty in the natural world and their own unique journeys.




When I think of art, I do not think of it as a discipline which is separate from any other discipline, spirituality included. Everything is intrinsically linked to the other attributes of our living experience. Living art is the intention with which we set about creating or giving breath to any part of our lives. We are all children in our inner most state, wondering and awed by the faculties we are gifted to explore and share with. In this state of pure joy, we can find harmony in the workings of our lives. When difficulties arise, it is our creative willpower to overcome such obstacles that gives us real freedom. Without such freedom we are helpless to find the overpowering grace that imbues every moment, the arduous and the emancipating. It is because of this truth, art in it's most living state is required for the well being of human kind.

Encourage your children to dream, and to paint/sculpt/sing their dreams and visions. To develop skills in understanding shadows and light, hard and dark, soft and rough. Art and the study of it helps us expand in our knowledge of the living working world, it's attributes and faculties. Each discipline is made that much more excellent by the study of alternate subjects, by the willingness to look with new skill and perspective at problems and overcome them.

The lives of the prophet's ,the saints, those who love and serve humanity, the messenger's of peace all over the world, those who underwent enormous trials and tribulations and overcame them with grace and ingenuity trusting in the vital state of the Creator , the Creative overpowering possibility giving light over any darkness. It is in this remembrance, to be aware that anything is possible. To utilize our creative faculties to overcome obstacles, to seek new mean's by which we can envision, vision into our own lives and other's. To see possibilities from all new angles, perspectives, feelings. To find harmony in the state of wonder and gratitude. Indeed for me art is inseparable from life.