Yasmeen Olya ART AND MUSIC


OOooooooooo Si ...lol ha ha ha ... I paint yes ... I make music... 

Explore here to find out about it! To explain it make's it all dry and uninteresting... but to experience it is something else. It's all about mystery and joy and abundance in the end. How to live in expansion versus contraction.

For the very practical and organized:

I attended Waldorf education my youth and studied visual art at the Fine Art College of Victoria in British Columbia. I began studying the Celtic harp with a private teacher at 12, I studied for 4 years (having since childhood dreamed of playing and singing with the harp).


When I think of art, I do not think of it as a discipline which is separate from any other discipline, spirituality included. Everything is intrinsically linked to the other attributes of our living experience. Living art is the intention with which we set about creating or giving breath to any part of our lives. We are all children in our inner most state, wondering and awed by the faculties we are gifted to explore and share with. In this state of pure joy, we can find harmony in the workings of our lives. When difficulties arise, it is our creative willpower to overcome such obstacles that gives us real freedom. Without such freedom we are helpless to find the overpowering grace that imbues every moment, the arduous and the emancipating. It is because of this truth, art in it's most living state is required for the well being of human kind.

Art lives and breaths in the fabric of every day, through the smallest activities; placing flowers on a table, cooking, cleaning, intention in breathing... It is the living intention in any given thing that gives it true life.