Artistic Chaos - Home Life and Motherhood

Posted by Yasmeen Olya on 2018 Mar 5th

Artistic Chaos - Home Life and Motherhood

Salaams ~ Peace and Light be upon you.

So here I am in my little home, you can see my cat indelicately walking across my kitchen table. My life is in constant flux, like so many women I work in chaos holding the conviction that in fact I am balancing all of the collective needs around me in any given day. 

Life in the heaving flux:

After meticulously dividing a weeks worth of laundry up into carefully folded piles on our shared bed,( for my four different children), I turn my back for five minutes to try mediating an argument between my 7 and 8 year old and find my 3 year old has decided now is the perfect moment to use the bed for a trampoline. The laundry is no longer nicely folded and sorted, it is now jumping with him where his little feet land. 

But there is a conviction in any given day, one that steers me through my choices. What is worth getting upset over? So rather than get upset; instead maintain a stable rhythm that holds the children and my own needs in life's blessing.

I prefer to let the laundry remain unfolded until the evening and finish my artistic project which will give me joy and the children too, because when I am happiest they are happy. It is palpable. The time will come when the laundry will be folded be not a-feared! Much prefer choosing something else than becoming upset with the futility of folding laundry on a bed with a bouncing three year old. All sorts of plausible solutions can be formed in such a situation, it just depends on the battle I choose to wage in any given moment.  

That being said, the battle of wading through household chores is truly an enormous therapy for me, and one that I have love/hate relationship with. On one hand the chores and maintenance of the household relieve me from the ongoing pressures of having a creative mind. I can become hopelessly lost in a painting for instance and forget to eat etc... but my ties to my children and home, keep the rhythm and force me to remain upright and focused on the tasks at hand. After laboriously painting for four hours solid, the mercy of hot soapy water on hands to wash dishes is so healing. 

Our daily week is divided into different days for different activities. On each day, I work the rhythm aspects of the day, the regular activities/chores into the morning and early afternoon, and then work on my own projects up until dinner (dinner is pre prepared in the morning-lunch time) In the evening I may or may not work until late.

Monday is the purple day, the day I sort, tidy and dust everything in the home.

Tuesday is the blue day. On this day I do a lot of laundry and mending and washing of floors (I involve the children, with song and stories) Ocean walk - swimming (in summer)

Wednesday it is the yellow day. On this day we focus on music and play with earth substances. 

 Thursday the orange day, our painting day, drawing, and yard work with water involved. Or a hike in the hills, mountain areas.

Friday is the green day, a prayer day, a merciful day, lots of play and games and good things to eat. In the evening we do a family meditation called Thikru Allah.

Saturday is the red day, baking for the whole week is done on this day. Plus walks to the beach, sometimes a fire is built, it is a day around warmth.

Sunday is the day we make crepes, write letters of correspondence, do seasonal activities and prepare for the week ahead.

Chaos is the living breathing productivity of life, out of chaos comes form. As I put the paint on my paint brush and pallet, the colors do not know where they will go or what they will become part of, but the end result can be harmonious with the right intention.

peace and light