Painting Baby Krishna and His Loving Mother Yashoda

Posted by Yasmeen Olya on 2018 Mar 5th

Painting Baby Krishna and His Loving Mother Yashoda

I was approached by my beloved friend Catherine Schweig to paint respected and beloved Krishna Baby and Mother Yashoda. The concept of mother and child with elements of a traditional Madonna inspiring the piece. She expressed in detail the ideas she wanted expressed and I worked up a path to take towards those elements as the piece progressed.

I began work with the intention of creating as much tangible love between mother and child as I could, that intention governed the entire project. Initially you can see there was some idea of having some sacred cow mama's in the piece, but eventually that was worked out, in order to focus on the central love being represented. 

The baby was to be blue like monsoon clouds, pearls, and Hindu decorations and costume, a long braid for Mother Yashoda. Baby Krishna's body turns a pale violet in the ambiance of love, his palms and feet pads rose... The garden was to be paradisaical, autumnal in suggestion... and I added fruits and plants beloved of the Hindu community, holy basil, mango, sacred fig, Indian Bael, Ashoka tree (flowers), Banyan Tree, Pipal Tree, Saffron Crocus, Lotus ....jasmine flowers in her hair... her wearing pink... :) 

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This piece was 30/20 inches acrylic on canvas. (C) 2018 Yasmeen Olya Arts KHL ALL RIGHTS RESERVED