The Tides of Spring

Posted by Yasmeen Olya on 2014 Feb 15th

The Tides of Spring

The Tides of Spring

Today was a bit cold, cold for this wee island in February, this rainy forest of west coast Canada.

I have dropped off my older children at school, and now my three year old's soft curls bob against my cheek as I carry him up the stone steps towards the studio. He will play and go for a walk with our adopted grandfather Tim, a old friend of my now deceased father. Tim is a kind old sailor who frequently arrives to help out around our home and play with his "grand kids".

In the studio I am thrillingly wrapped up in a series of small etching type paintings featuring solid dark or light colors which show up intricate patterning of leaves, stems, seeds, spirals, flowers. The patterning is so satisfying.

 Yasmeen Olya Art February 2018.jpg

Tomorrow I am looking forward to revisiting these floral compositions which I am working on. Lots of paint, very loose brush work and floating leaves, chunky brush strokes, spring is coming to my palette.... I am thinking of taking this loose work into the figurative compositions I am working on in commission. It is better not to get too tight in your painting I find. So pulling out a few canvases and working on at least three at the same time, loosely and generously creating a stream of consciousness series positively impacts any tighter work you are tied to at the moment.

I am immersed in my work, letting the colors wash over me. 

Now running down to scoop up my little three year old one , eat lunch, pray and then down to the beach as the wind is coming up to feel the sun on my face, and breath in the salty sea air. These days our walks take us past new tiny faces, beautiful little snow drops, tiny courageous violets, tulips, daffodils and narcissus poking their little green noses up. Soon their colors and forms will enliven these brush strokes.

On the way back up I am thinking in multiple directions; what will I make for dinner tonight, what about this color..?  mmm....  a big green salad and the children can make their own veggie pizza's with rye bread slices as a base, peppers, onion, chickpeas, then to bring the remaining for school tomorrow. Must ask my Noah 8 years old if he thinks that color blue works. :) Planning...I will have my eldest son do the washing up and while he does, I will run to studio for 45 min before the night time ritual... prayers, then bed time wash up, pijama's, story, songs and into the cocoon of sleep. Then I will return to the studio...  

I am having a hard time envisioning myself into folding that pile of laundry later tonight .... perhaps...when my thoughts have been sufficiently saturated with color :)

A  story by Jalaluddin Rumi called "The Wise man and the Serpent,  expertly explained by Abdal Hakim Murad ...  am breathing it in...feeling the meaning stretching into the different crevices of my inward being.. shining light on the deep of me... Huuuuuu infinite breath out! Walk with these two feet solid on the ground, with direction and purpose, knowing I am blessed and abundance abounds, while giving it all up, all expectation up to the Infinite! 

Peace and Light  - Yasmeen